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Cedar Waxwings 1200.JPG

Cedar Waxwings size 26.50w x 16

Watercolor on Mulberry paper

Coronavirus & 2  size:  6.50w x 8    &    7w x 8  Mix Media 

father-daughter 500.JPG

Father & Daughter 18w x 24 Watercolor

tulips 1200.JPG
co flag 500.JPG

Colorado 27w x 34 Watercolor

untitled 1 1200.JPG

Untitled 1 size:  18w x 14 acrylic

Tulips  17w x 14  Watercolor

Covid Nurse.JPG

Waxwings watercolor on rice paper

waxwings 3 1200.JPG

Waxwings size:  12.50 x 13.50 watercolor on rice paper

Covid Nurse size:  18w x 24 watercolor

Woods 001.JPG

Woods 24w x 20.25 Mix Media/Collage

untitled 2 1200.JPG

Untitled 2 size:  20w x 16 acrylic

Untitled 3.JPG

Untitled 3 size:  24w x 17.75 Acrylic

Husky 1200.JPG

Huskys  size:  17w x 11 watercolor on rice paper

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